Keynote Speaker

Lori St John Attorney at Law, CPA, Publisher, Author, Chief Compliance Officer for the City of Coral Gables, Real Estate Developer and Business Strategist teaches maximum performance and business savvy. Exemplifying high standards St John is charismatic and contagious with genuine enthusiasm. She delivers a strong on-stage performance every time!

Ms. St John is an inspirational and educational speaker who has a profound effect on the lives of those she touches. Her speaking engagements are specifically tailored to maximize your message and meet the needs of your event. Below is a sample of her event offerings:

Inspirational Speaker

★ How to Overcome Obstacles and Challenges
★ How to Turn your Obstacles and Challenges into Opportunities
★ How One Person Can Make a Difference
★ How to Get What you Want - The 6-Step Formula to Achieving your Goals and Dreams

Educational Speaker

★ Truth, Integrity and Accountability - The Formula for Necessary Change in the Justice System.
★ Behind the Scenes of the Criminal Justice System
★ Protecting the Innocent
★ How and Why that One Piece of Evidence Can Change the Course of History


★ How to Publish like the Big Boys and Keep the $ in Your Pocket: The 9-Step Guide to your Self-Publishing Success


Get In Touch

Lori St John participates in speaking engagements for a variety of venues, including educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies and numerous other conferences and/or gatherings including Rotarian and Chamber of Commerce breakfast or lunch meetings. She offers both an educational or inspirational discussion, or a combination of both, depending on the topic and purpose of the engagement.

In considering your request for an invitation to speak there are three factors that are considered:

  • the number of people in attendance;
  • the location of the event;
  • remuneration for her time and travel expenses.

  • Please see the calendar and refer to it prior to making your request. We are currently taking requests for 2013 and 2014.

    Lori St John also invites you to participate in selling her books at your event. A percentage of her sales will be donated to your organization.

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