Listen to Sister Helen Prejean and Lori St John in their effort to save an innocent man from execution. Virginia's 21-day rule that stymied the truth, along with political agendas and a lack of integrity will all be exposed in this rare but true account of the valiant personal journey of Lori St John as she galvanized worldwide support, including the Pope, Mother Teresa and the Italian and European Parliaments in an effort to stop the corrupt machinery of death. Can she stop the clock from ticking?

Was he a murderer and rapist or was he innocent, sentenced to die for a crime he knew nothing about? You decide as you take the journey with me in my forthcoming book, The Corruption of Innocence, a true harrowing and riveting account of what happens when the wrong person is behind a conviction. Learn the truth about the criminal justice system.

In an effort to stop the execution of an innocent man a jailhouse snitch confesses that he lied at trial. Did the government listen? Find out in my forthcoming book, The Corruption of Innocence, A Journey for Justice and learn how the media and public were mislead by the government about the evidence and facts in this case.

This short biographical documentary profiles Jerry Givens: family man, member of the church choir, artist...and former executioner of Virginia's Death Row. The film is a compelling, and surprisingly uplifting, conversation with Jerry about his unique experiences with life, prison, and death.


Lori St John's mission and cause was catapulted to an international level when 24 Hrs in Cyberspace chose her story, out of millions worldwide, for inclusion in their historic internet project.

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Published on Oct 22, 2008
Ted Koppel's ABC News Nightline, hosted by Forrest Sawyer, sent dozens of film crews around the world and devoted an entire evening to 24 HOURS IN CYBERSPACE.
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Published on Mar 24, 2008
O'Dell was executed, despite the fact that the evidence used to convict him remained in serious doubt and the DNA reported to belong to the killer had never been compared to O'Dell's. While the debate regarding O'Dell's guilt was important, the fact that DNA could have been used to determine his guilt with certainty before execution was the central issue.
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Published on March 18, 1997
Read in my book why the erroneous continued reference to the blood on O’Dell’s jacket as a “match,” undermined achieving justice. Understand how wrongful convictions can occur through a point by point outline of how the Commonwealth, Prosecutor Albert Alberi and the media made it impossible to get a fair post-conviction review of this case.
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