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Lori St John's mission and cause was catapulted to an international level when 24 Hrs in Cyberspace chose her story, out of millions worldwide, for inclusion in their historic internet project.


24 Hours in Cyberspace (February 8, 1996) was "the largest one-day online event" up to that date, headed by photographer Rick Smolan. "The project brought together the world's top photographers, editors, programmers, and interactive designers to create a digital time capsule of online life." 
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I. Alberi: Missteps Trail Beach Prosecutor read more

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III.  Italy Joins Death Row Appeal in Virginia,
World Section. New York Times
. read more

IV. Front Row at Death Row Case, Chicago Tribune, March 19, 1997. read more

V.  Opinion: Commonwealth v. Joseph O’Dell: Truth and Justice or Confuse the Courts?  The DNA Controversy, 25 New Eng. J. On Crim. & Civ. Confinement 311 (1999). read more

VI. The Case For Innocence, PBS Frontline.
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Executed American lies in Italy as “martyr” Killer becomes a symbol in the campaign against capital punishment. In the News, featured articles about the European Parliament. read more

Virginia Inmate Executed Despite International Campaign, CNN U.S., July 23, 1997. read more

National Perspective: Courts: Death Penalty Foes Demand New DNA Test for Executed Man: Virginia prosecutors want to destroy the genetic evidence instead. Case dates from 1986, when results were less precise. Los Angeles Times. August 31, 1999.   read more

The O’Dell case and LaRouche’s exoneration. EIR News Service, August 8, 1997. read more

DNA Testing of Criminals, A Guide to Selected Government Information Available at WIU’s Government Publication Library. Western Illinois University. See “Legal Information.” read more

Executed But Possibly Innocent. Death Penalty Information Center, Washington, D.C. read more

Meaningful Stories, University of Oregon. Suggest reading them all for the impact this story has on the viewer, but in particular, those by Marion Rosas and Anna Karvina Pidong and Kimi Lerner.   read more

Broken Justice, the Death Penalty in Virginia. November, 2003. See Page 3. read more

After 1,600 years, Opposing the Death Penalty. New York Times. Helen Prejean read more

Telltale Traces. DNA Evidence: First used in courts in 1987, it can erase lingering doubts about a conviction. In a high-profile Virginia case, prosecutors declined that  opportunity. Denver Post. July 22, 2007.  See “Contested Swab” read more

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