After studying wrongful convictions for over two decades, and witnessing the ever increasing number of exonerations in this country, and abroad, I felt compelled to share my knowledge and personal story. My mission is to educate and advocate against wrongful convictions, with the goal of effectuating reform in the criminal justice system.

—Lori St John, Attorney*

*Lori St John is the former Founder and Director of the Innocence Project for Justice at the Rutgers School of Law in New Jersey, Assistant Deputy Public Defender - Essex County adult felony division, and wrongful convictions expert. The lead advocate for a Virginia death row inmate, she championed a highly controversial case to an international cause. Rightfully so, the refusal to perform DNA testing prior to executing a man who steadfastly claimed innocence, catapulted into an international debate.

A CPA turned lawyer, licensed in New York, New Jersey and Colorado, and a previous member of the Colorado Innocence Project, St John authored her compelling story in the non-fiction book, The Corruption of Innocence, a Journey for Justice.

Having worked with some of the top legal and scientific experts in the United States, and having developed international relations with numerous members of the Italian and European Parliament, Mother Teresa and the Vatican, including Pope John Paul II (who all championed her cause), St John offers a world of experience through her devotion for justice. .

This website is dedicated to the wrongfully convicted, and to Joseph Roger O’Dell.